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Music for the Soul---Sainkho Namchylak+Dickson Dee live in Shenzhen

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Music for the Soul---Sainkho Namchylak+Dickson Dee live in Shenzhen

Time: December 20, 2008 from 9pm to 11pm
Location: idutang&C:UNION
Street: F3 Block,OCT-LOFT,Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town
City/Town: Shenzhen
Website or Map:…
Event Type: World, music, live, performance
Organized By: Zen Lu
Latest Activity: Dec 20, 2008

Event Description

Music for the Soul
---Sainkho Namchylak+Dickson Dee live in Shenzhen
Time:2008-12-20 21:00-23:00
Address:F3 Block,Mooka Space,Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen
Organizer:Mooka Culture Communication,Noise Asia
Co-organizer:Neo Sound,We Play! Records
Ticket:Advance 60RMB,At Door 80RMB,Student 50RMB
Artists:Sainkho Namchylak(vocal)
Dickson Dee(electronica)
   Peter Scherr(bass)
   Zhu Fangqiong(percussion/stringed instrument/vocal)

P.S:we will play documentary at 9pm on 19th ,also Sainkho will come to the space,free ticket.

Artists bio:

Sainkho Namchylak
Sainkho Namtchylak (1957, Tuva, Russia) is a singer. She was born in one of small villages, situated among numerous gold fiels, in the Republic of Tuva (South Siberia, Russia). Her ancestors were nomads, and her parents worked as school teachers. She studied at the musical college, but later was expelled as uncapable in the field. She continued her education in Moscow, where she moved in order to finish college. Namtchylak later graduated from Gnesinsky Institute in Moscow, majoring in Vocal. While studying at the institute, she mastered various vocal techniques of traditional throat vocal, and principles of the overtone music. Her professional career of a vocalist Namtchylak started as a folk singer in the Tuva State Folk Ensemble Sayani, being a member of which she went on tours about various countries in Europe, and also in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In 1989 she started collaborating with Russian representatives of new jazz and experimental music. Her first concert tour in the new capacity took place in 1990, when Namtchylak besides performing in Ulrichsberg, participated in the festival of new music in Muenster. …This autumn European jazz magazines called her discovery of the festival season” with a lot of prasing… That was a success… The singer’s unique manner, combining ancient throat vocal techniques and the modern techniques of sound production, joining tradition and avant-garde, allows the listeners to plunge into the most up-to-date area of musical environment (N. Dmitriev, director of the Cultural Center Dom, Moscow). After the festival in Muenster Namtchylak repeatedly performed as a member of the Tri O(jointly with S. Letov, A. Kiritschenko, A. Alexandrov), and also with representatives of the European music – Peter Kowald, Butch Morris, W. Luedi, S. Murray, Ned Rottenberg, Evan Parker and others. She has produced 27 musical releases, both solo and group, at various recording studios, including such as: FMP (Germany), Leo Records (Great Britain), FIN Records (Japan) and others. Among her albums are the following ones: Lost Rivers (FMP, 1992), When the Sun is Out You Don’t See Stars (FMP, 1992), Letters (Leo Records, 1993), Out of Tuva (Gramworld, 1993), Live (Free Improvisation Network Record, 1993), Amulet (Leo Records, 1996), Mars Song (Victo, 1996), Time Out (AnySai Records, 1997), Naked Spirit (Animata Records, 1998), Aura (EniSai Records, 1999), Stepmother City (Ponderosa, 2000) and others. Namtchylak participated in numerous festivals of experimental music in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, France, Italy, USA, Japan and many others, and also in Russia, performing jointly with such musicians as M. Zhukov, V. Rezitsky, the groups Tri O, Arkhangelsk and Moscow Composers Orchestra, with which she recorded 4 CDs: Life At City Garden (U-Sound, 1995), An Italian Love Affair (Leo Lab Records, 1996), Let Poremsky Dream (Leo Lab Records, 1997), The Gift (Long Arms Records, 1997). Sainkho Namtchylak lives and works in Vienna (Austria) and Moscow (Russia).

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Comment by Mike46 on December 18, 2008 at 11:46am
I would have gone, but it's a long way from Worcester
Comment by fei and IDUTANG 一渡堂 (c:union) on December 17, 2008 at 11:23am
Zhu Fangqiong
percussion/stringed instrument/vocal ,live in Guangzhou.
Comment by fei and IDUTANG 一渡堂 (c:union) on December 17, 2008 at 11:23am
Peter Scherr
Peter Scherr is an American bassist/composer/musical strategist living in Hong Kong. He has over 20 years professional experience ranging from positions with symphony orchestras through jazz and experimental music performance and composition. Mr. Scherr has performed and recorded with leading creative musicians such as his brother Tony Scherr, Jenny Scheinman, Jim Black, Briggan Krauss, Allison Miller, Joe Rosenberg, Matt McMahon, Simon Barker and many others. Mr. Scherr pursues musical excellence and inspiration in areas of unique interest. His current focus is the realization of creative music concepts. One of his long-term goals is the establishment of a common practice of creative music in China, drawing on the talent of the most interesting improvisers from around the world.
Comment by fei and IDUTANG 一渡堂 (c:union) on December 17, 2008 at 11:22am
Dickson Dee
sound artist, producer, composer, label founder, organizer, curator
Dickson Dee has been engaged in the music industry for more than 20 years. His career started from importing European independent labels to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan; followed by establishing his own music label, organizing concerts etc. His experience includes distribution, import/export, creation, publishing, promotion, artist management and other kinds of works in the industry. He has made a great contribution to the development of independent music in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.
In 1996, Dickson’s debut solo album “PAST” was released under Tzadik label (USA). Since then, he began to set foot on the creation field with musical styles ranging from avantgarde to experimental, music concrete, electronic, new classical, industrial noise, dance, electronic world jazz etc. He has performed under different names and formed several bands. For example, DJ Dee for electronic experimental music, Li Chin Sung for music concrete and avantgarde, PNF for industrial noise, Khoomi Sound Machine for electronic world jazz, Dickson Dee for electronic acoustic,sampling cut ‘n’ paste and turntableist. He has collaborated with many artists such as Zbigniew Karkowski, Otomo Yoshihide, Sainkho Namtchylak, Maja Ratkje,Sachiko M,Werner Dafeldecker, Patrick Pulsinger,Cdrk,Tujiko Noriko, Tetsuo Furadate,Yoshida Tatsuya, Keiji Haino,Adichi Tomomi, Astro, Makigami Koichi,Kang Taehwan ,Lawrence English, Electronicat , Park Je Chun, Jonas Hellborg, Uwe Dierksen, VJ Milosh, Dr Das etc.
Dickson set up his personal label Dicksonia Audio beside Noise Asia, which concentrates on the release and publishing of his own works. This provides more freedom and convenience to further develop his creativity.
Besides concerts, Dickson also appears in arts academy and university for workshops and lectures to share his experiences with students, hoping to trigger their interest on sound art and music; furthermore, to give them a better understanding on the different aspects of music.
Comment by fei and IDUTANG 一渡堂 (c:union) on December 17, 2008 at 11:22am
Sainkho Namchylak
I was born in Republic of Tuva in small village, at the family of school teachers. My parents both liked very much at youth time to play on music instruments, father on seven string guitar and mother on mandolin (russian kind of 4 strings, usually dabbled, banjo). Father had nice, soft baritone voice and often presented his song with amateur groups at the concerts in Tuva. After working in small village they decided to go to Hem-Beldiry (old name of capital town of Tuva) to continue their studies. I remember on sundays he liked to play and teach to us already three daughters to dance and mother looking out of kitchen was asking with the smile: "Don`t you feel tired? May be you can skip it till next weekend? Lunch is ready!"
What do I remember about those times? When he was reading his poems to my mother and me (he liked to read, it was his way to add his love and passion in to daily life and I understand only now how much he loved) I remember it was on women holiday on the 8 of march 1966 he was reading one of those long wording poems, very difficult to understand for me, a small girl and I was looking out of window to the beads of lights on the bridge in the night and thinking "when I will become big as my father, I will drive away through this bridge and I will read my own poems!"
Completing music collage " Ippolotova-Ivanova" I continue my studies in Gnesin Institute in Moscow.At that time my big interest was about discovering recordings and books or dissertations about different techniques of singing in archaic examples of cult music of lamaistic and shamanistic traditions of Siberia. As well as Tuvan and Mongolian throat,-and overtone singing stiles.
First appearance on professional stage on competition of folk singers in 1986 had impressively large geography and forgotten mystery of syncretism of old songs from minorities and other nations of Siberia: nganasan, itelmen, korjack, nivch, nanai, buriat, tuvan and russian traditions. Successful appearance had its resonance. In the years 1987-1989 in the group with other artists.I have been presenting my program in Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, Phillippines, New Zealand.
The same time I started to look for new collaborations in contemporary and improvised music and bland those old traditions in to experimental and contemporary music. Starting to perform a lot with new jazz musicians, I have learned about capacity and possibilities of my own voice. Discovery had more then I expected.Appearance on Munster jazz festival and later on Luzern contemporary music festival brought me new relation to western contemporary music. I started played with many musicians in Western Europe.
On one of my concerts in Austria I met Georg Graf an austrian musician.
In spring 1991 we merry at his home town Scheibbs,Austria. On 12 of april magnolias was blooming and when we came out of building snow was covering everything. Everything was white! "Ötcha" (big mountain near Scheibbs) was shining though clear blue sky and I had feeling its calling me or greeting me with silent Hymn of Joy and Love.
Raising up together with Georg my daughter and regularly from 1991 till 1994 organizing mini festivals and concerts in Tuva, inviting musicians from Austria, Switzerland, Germany to play for audience in Tuva.
Short before celebration of Millennium, I became grandmother. And I started to understand that most important in all this stories is my unity of being realized artist and singer, woman in three generations.

Comment by Zen Lu on December 12, 2008 at 2:27am
“我是个赤裸的灵魂,是的,就像个天真的孩子,穿越人間。不要怪我,果子成熟了,就会落地。就像太阳与月亮,我是个赤裸的灵魂。”——Sainkho Namchylak
来自图瓦 (Tuva) 的 Sainkho Namtchylak 是当今世上最令人惊叹的超级女伶,凭藉其七个八度的宽广音域、出神入化的演唱技巧,最重要是勇于吸纳各种音乐艺术的试验精神,将历史悠长的双声唱法与西方前卫音乐作出最大胆成功的融合。12月20日晚她将以充满未来感的电气化游牧民歌风格出现,在快速变异与巨大张力、骇人唱功与绝妙音符之间、在当代与亘古的对比、交织与并列当中,展现出一位“属于世界的音乐家”的至高艺术性表现。
Sainkho Namtchylak与李劲松(aka Dickson Dee)的合作自2004年Sainkho第一次来中国演出时已开始;07年,两人又因Sainkho来中国参加草原音乐节的机会,合演了几场。08年5月,李劲松飞赴奥地利和德国与Sainkho现场合作演出并录制现场唱片(将由英国LEO唱片公司出版),之后经两人商量,决定展开一个更长期的艺术探索,除了在多个城市展开两人,或联同当地艺术家的现场演出外,更于今年会录制一张录音室专辑。08年10月份,俩人以Sainkho Namchylak+Dickson Dee Asian Project的形式在中国厦门、广州进行了一次小规模巡演出。
这次是Sainkho Namtchylak第三次来深圳公开演出,在这场演出中还加入了广州自由即兴乐手朱芳琼和定居香港曾与知名鼓手Jim Black合作的低音大提琴手、作曲家Peter Scherr。
另外,2008年12月19日(星期五)晚9点钟开始,主办方将在一渡堂艺术空间免费举行Sainkho作品视听会,放映由德国女导演Erika von Moeller执导的纪录片《Sainkho》,现场播放Sainkho多张唱片,Sainkho本人将亲临放映现场,提前与大家见面。

关于Erica von Moeller和纪录片《Sainkho》:
Erica von Moeller生于德国威斯巴登,于德国美因茨学院修读美术,后又于科隆媒体艺术学院学习电影课程,其电影《汉娜的生活Leben mit Hannah》曾参加2007年上海国际电影节。纪录片《Sainkho》是Erica von Moeller 2002年拍摄的作品,讲述了图瓦共和国歌后Sainkho的世界巡演,表达了全球化时代文化的融合和覆盖,通过此片让世人对Sainkho的生活有更深层了解。纪录片发行的同年,Sainkho获家乡图瓦颁发“二十世纪图瓦最具创意成就奖”。

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