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Coco Park (Shopping Mall Exit C), Fuhua 3 Road, Futian
福田区福华三路星河Coco Park (购物公园站)酒吧街088,089号铺 (0755) 2531-3781

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very good Spaghetti, nice environment, convenient location. Personally recommended.
the one in hk is pretty gd. but i am not sure abt the one in sz
Great food, ambiance, location, service, price... I love Foccaccinos... God I'm hungry now.
nice selection for vegetarians. its a bit expensive, but the set lunch is a good deal...for about 35RMB (i think) you get a drink, soup, bread, main dish, and small dessert. great bargain! friendly staff and nice to have the wifi as well.
I agree with Jesse: good for vegetarians (we would prefer to see NO specks of chicken or ham). For my website, I'm working on a rating system for service, and I would call Focaccino "Local First Class." It's like the different between a local five-star hotel and an international five-star: The service is better than most of the places I eat in here (and even better than some international five-star hotels I could name), but it's certainly not at an international standard. Mirko, as for changes, the owner has reminded me more than once that his major market is NOT Italians! You know who it is...and the food is tailored to please the market...but there's a new Angelo's in the CBD now. Gonna try that today...
Passable place, sure. However, I'm disappointed they stopped offering the 2-for-1 drink specials after 9 PM [ASMedia, please take note]. It was a nice place to drink cocktails at 18 yuan a glass or so, far from the noise and wannabes of the bar street. But, sadly, the specials are gone and I'm not a rabid fan of the food, so I'll only go if that's the consensus choice for a large group.
Yeah, I understand. But you are evaluating the "bar" aspect, which I frankly have never participated in. But when you've lived in Yangzhou and ordered the same kind of spaghetti every time you left the temple because it's either that or Pizza Hut, then Focaccino and the other places in SZ offering veg food start to look mighty good. As Jesse said, Focaccino's veg offerings are superior to most, and we had a hand in shaping that: This menu, introduced last June or so, increased the veg options, and marked them clearly on the menu (with a leaf image). That right there shows a responsiveness to the VOC (Voice of the Customer) that's rarely seen in SZ.
I find the food to be ma ma hu hu, nothing special.
Duude, do yourself a favor, go down there and get THE Fried Cheese! Yea baby, that's AWESOME-STUFF-DOT-COM!
My favorite tiramisu. Ever.

very "veg friendly."
is a bit hit and miss, mostly hit...
Ok, I tried it again and retract my previous statement. This time it was pretty good, to ensure we had a good sample lot to choose from, we took some sandwiches, chicken wings and some of the cheese fries. All were good and the price was around 160 RMB total.



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