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"Songs & Poems 4" (open mic) AND "Shenzhen Leaps Forward" (launch party)

Date: Feb. 29, 2008 (Leap Day)

Time: 8-10 p.m.

Place: Andes Cafe, East side of Central Walk (facing the Sheraton); Use Metro Exit B

Hosted by: James and Ranajit (or Ranajit and James); sadly, Lila is working outside of China and can't attend

Songs & Poems is a regular irregular open mic (with no actual microphones) where aspiring poets, singers and musicians in Shenzhen can read their own poems in any language (but translations to English are essential); play any instrument traditional or modern, western or eastern; sing a cappella, rap or even just read lyrics.

(See "Performance Guidelines" below)


Shenzhen Leaps Forward will be a brief introduction to an exciting new resource for foreigners in Shenzhen. It will truly revolutionize life for those of us who are planning to learn Chinese next year (or the next).

Andes Cafe offers real Columbian coffee and other drinks and desserts, the perfect accompaniment to an evening of words and music.




- Read your favorite poems or your own work.
- Limited to two readings (about 7-10 minutes).
- If the poem is not in English, translation at the end is a must.
- No rants or slam please.


- Play cover songs or originals.
- Bring your own musical instrument(s).
- Limited to two performances (about 7-10 minutes).
- Individual or group performances welcome.

Again, arrive by 7:30 to book your slot with James. First come, first served (though we may shuffle the order once the slate is full).

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Thanks to everyone who came out Friday night (including the mysterious Mr. Stuff). The main group was about thirty, with ten or so stragglers coming in later. Several attendees were members of Stuff.

There were a few singers, a few rappers, a few poets. The highlight for me was the performance by singer/songwriter and Stuff member Shademaker. A real troubadour, he reminded me of some of my old-time favorites, like Harry Chapin and Paul Simon. (In fact, he riffed a little on Simon: she had "heartache on the souls of her shoes.")

Great, great stuff. Catch him at Casablanca in Huaqiangbei on Fridays and Saturdays, doing other stuff.

Again, thanks to all the performers, listeners, old friends and new.

And Yole: love the earrings!



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