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i just watched the sitcom "how i met your mother" season 2 episode 7, the barney guy has been called "Swarley" by his friends, they think it' so funny, but i don't get it. ...and i'm dying of curiosity, what's so funny about "Swarley"

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Hey frank I understand the confusion with the name Swarley, Your are looking in the wrong place for the humour there. It is not the name that is funny but the fact that his friends never call him by his real name. He is called Barn, Swarly, Swa wait for it ly"The Barnacle, Barnito supreme, Swarhili, Bob Swarley-mon, Swar-lay, Swarles Barkley, Swarlos, Jennifer. and almost everything else except his real name Barney. Sometime humour does not cross culture very easily. So I understand your confusion.
really? they only call him "Swarley" in that episode, and when the charactor "Ted" calls him "Swarley" the first time, they all laugh and they all keep making fun of him



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