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I am Chinese, I would love to meet if there have any honest Christian in here???

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I suppose someone not used to steal wallets :)
what you mean for steal wallets??sorry
yes, honest for me means always remember god said, and come to church , reading bible often
well, I just feel sometimes we need belief. I do not know so much about belief. sometimes I just think christian is good than people who have no religion.
Actually James, Maria is correct, Christianity and the catholic church is historically the most evil, depraved, corrupt, perverted, and totalitarian dictatorship there has ever been. Murder, extorsion, just look at Europe and Persia for example. You need to check your history mate. That is not to say that relegion is bad, quite the contrary, but if your looking for faith you don't need a church to find it. God is everywhere, inside us all. And if you really believe he would approve of the ways and means in which the 'church' have gone about his business for the last few thousand years it would go against everything God is supposed to stand for, right? How can you claim to have anything good built on a foundation of oppression and lies?
i partially agree but not fully..all basis of every religion teaches something good.. its people who use it for control, for benefit, political.. i just feel sorry for the true believer who have done soul searching every day of their life with god and in the end condamned by those who use religion for wrong purpose..
You will find it almost impossible to find someone honest, especially if they say they are a Christian.

I was born into Christianity my uncle is a preacher, I can tell you from my past, no one is totally honest.
Not even in the Church. My suggestions is go to Church, and make friends with others like you.

Your question ( god said ) Now you should also know the original bible was written by today's standard news editor, so please don't take all you read to be true, as in What God Said, or what Jesus said.

Good luck with your quest.
Thanks for your suggestion, but I do not understand for " original bible was written by today's standard new editor??

I do believe all I read in bible is true.

I think there have some pastor is honest.
Exactly correct Dave.

Donis, please take note on what David has written. As if you read the old testament, compared with the new, their are quiet a few changes made.

And also the language wordings/sentences are different from country to country.
As long as you do not steal, commit murder, and the rest of the commandments, you will have a good heart and people will notice that. The bible and all other religions are a guide to help us understand our own life's, their not the begin and end all of life itself.

Depends what you mean by good. I think  a good heart comes from the new birth and is a gift of God  who  'pours out the love of God in our hearts'     Loving God has some of the greatest promises in the Bible  as 'all things work for good for those who love God'  and yet we do not naturally tend to 'love God'



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