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I am Chinese, I would love to meet if there have any honest Christian in here???

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I never met a "true/honest" Christian anywhere. Good luck with that.

yes, that was my gut reaction to this 9 year old question.

The only immature response comes from some of the posters here such as yourself. I do admit on a certain level that the question seems rather naive as who's really honest in this world.

People who claim that, no matter what their beliefs are, will have a hard time proving it. But to point out that there are not honest believers is just as naive if not worse. I guess it all depends on how you look a the question. I have a Chinese Christian friend here that have done a lot good things to people close to her as well as strangers.I bet it must be challenging from time to time as people are in general rather selfish and self-absorbed.

Something I have noticed a lot with people who have raised in certain environments such as an Atheist and a left-orientated one. However this does not mean that all are and this applies even to believers. I have met pretty self-absorbed and selfish Christians, Buddhists and Muslims but I have also met more positive and generous people of these beliefs than anything. 

I find people who look for the negative in anything cannot be happy deep down and so far I have noted that mostly hard-core atheists are the ones doing this. Yet the same people try to oppress, in one way or anothe,r people who are believers from asking anything yet claim to be for free speech. Must be rather confusing to be you as you have not got your priorities straight. You don't have to agree with the poster and show your opinion about the wording but I think a certain amount of tact is on order, or do you not believe in manners as well?

So you're a Swedish male? I feel sorry for you having been raised in a Leftist Matriarchal society. I heard your women wanted to implement a ban on men having the right to stand up and pee.. did the bill get passed? Anyway, how pathetic!
Lol, just proved my point. Categorizing people is a lazy yet easy way to not stick to the debate. Name calling will only get you so far my friend. Says more about you than it does about me. ;)

You're a girl, lol

Damn. Who dug up this old ass thread and breathed life into it again?!

Tsk... tsk...

That's a hard one,  because people will say yes usually whether or not it's true

There are always different points of view of course

what as Christianity to do with honesty

I'm curious what motivated the question.   Have you been 'burnt' by someone part of churchianity?

I think it might always be good to examine if one is genuine and honest,  as the mic drop suggests.   Don't be too overconfident



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