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Looking to meet other people working in your industry? Interested in meeting other young professionals in Shenzhen?

Join Shenzhen’s young professionals as we exchange ideas, share some laughs and have a few drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

The evening begins from 7 PM on February 28th at Andes Café in the Phoenix TV building in Futian District.


-Take the subway to Shi Min Zhong Xin Station and go to Exit B
- Immediately after exiting the subway take a right and walk down Fuzhong Rd. 3
- Continue walking straight past 安联大厦 until you reach Pengcheng 5th Rd.
- Take a right on Pengcheng 5th Rd.
- 20 Meters ahead and slightly to the left you will see a large shiny building called Feng4 Huang2 Da4 Sha4 (凤凰大厦).Andes Café is located at the foot of this building
- Walk inside and say hello

If you get lost call Andes café at 2399 0415

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