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I decided to start a discussion in response to another discussion and all those others discussions entitled "I want to get married" or something similar.

Well beginning on January 1st, 2015 ...  I have decided to go on 365 dates in 365 days with 365 different women and film portions of each date.  I will allow myself to go on two or three dates in one day so that I can get a day off sometimes.

I think it is a great idea ... I will marry the one who gives me the best date.

If this is not a great documentary then at least it might go viral on YouTube.

Sign up sheet starts here ...

It better not be a leap year or I have to start all over again.

(I obviously haven't thought this through)

**** I am not serious as I already have someone that I like so please do not actually sign up and cause myself to lose face, not that anybody would sign up for such a crazy idea.  I think I would rather be the part-time camera guy and producer then the poor smuck who has to date someone new everyday. He has no time to be with someone he actually liked because he has to move on to the next date.  Great project though ... feel free to steal this idea.

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Make sure you wrap up your little warrior...don't want to catch anything!

365 STDs in 365 days!



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