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Fancy a decent Saturday night, what's peoples thoughts on locations and best bars? Pepper, Lili Marleen, Futian, Shekou???

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What's up with the "boy" muscle photo?

what he said

ooooooooohhhhh sheep shagger trying to hook up some ycg in the chat room now!

And may I ask what are old fella's here for? To watch us shag ycg, while they sit by the sideline giving instruction and tips?

cunnilingus is jealous of

If you are his sheep, then I'll be jealous ;)

One guy gives you a little grief and you change your photo? Pussy!

Bit of a late response but just read this, "Cricket"... I said a decent night not a decent sleep!

Shekou is good place to live for foreigners


Well coming up with a suggestion would be a little more productive wouldn't it Stefan? Or just one of the many guys that likes putting shitty statements and no help whatsoever

Everyone is different.  For me it would have been dinner and a massage.



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