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Here is a cracker for you, folks. Do tell me what you think and if anyone (ladies?) have yet experienced it in Shenzhen.

A friend of mine, a foreign girl living in Shenzhen, told me this story when I last visited. 

She said herself and another girl had gone for a massage at one of the newly opened massage parlours in Shekou, Rose Garden. After about an hour of very average massage (the girls were rubbish, in her opinion), they turned off the lights, pulled out some electric massagers that looked a bit like bombs and started to go all over their body. It wasn't a great feeling in her words and she was about to tell them to stop when - suddenly! - they stuck the bloody machines between their (clients') legs and just stood there waiting!!

My friend said both her and the other girl were most amused to see this! She said they couldn't help laughing after a few seconds of such "massage". The girls, obviously, figured that they didn't do a good job and started going over their bodies with the "weapon" one more time, until, again, "landing" on that very SPOT! This time my friend said she didn't laugh but just asked her 'masseuse' to cut the crap. The latter was clearly shocked as she probably expected them both to be cringing with pleasure! 

After that my friend and her companion left the place and vouched to never return. She said it was the most ridiculous thing she had encountered in China so far! And the women at the reception assailed them immediately after they left the massage room, asking them if they 'really liked it' and if they wanted to sign up for a 'VIP card'. WTF??

Anyone heard of this? I hadn't prior to her story. This will be on the news one day :-P

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Well, they were wearing those disposable briefs during the massage. Here they never massage you completely naked...unless you request it perhaps? ;-) And that "thingy" wasn't like the vibrator that you can buy in a sex shop. According to her, it was quite a big thing, they simply just pressed it against the area between the legs....:-P

Yes, I have heard of it.  Probably around the same time I found out about happy ending massages for men (not long after I arrived), so this is nothing new.  What I can say is it is harder for ladies to find these places than men.

Well, as I mentioned before, neither me nor her had heard of this prior to this incident. :-P Sorry, perhaps we were the blindest foreign women in Shenzhen, but it WAS news to us. 

I wouldn't say blind, just not being adventurers would be more like it.

Oh, shit

!?!? AMAZING!!



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