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There are lots of adult shops here, and there is actually one near my place and the guy who runs it has the shop as part of his house, where i see him with his 5 year old kid everyday so I'm guessing they just skip the discovery channel and be like ''son, this is what your penis will look like when you're my age. Maybe not as big...'' anyways i tried walking into one of them and there were a lot of pills that they say act like viagra, racks of dildos, edible lingerie and underwear, whips and leather straps, dvd's, you name it. My question is, aside from a condom, has anyone ever actually purchased anything from a sex shop and used it? Coz i wonder if the so-called non-traditional girls are open-minded enough, though i haven't really encountered one who would actually carry a dildo or sex ring in her purse, or a girl who would actually wear edible underwear. If you haven't but wanted to, what would it be? For both guys and girls.

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lol. Magnus, noticing a theme here. Should start a Sex Topics section in the forum?
Why not?
You could corner the market on Erotic Services, now that Craigslist has decided to stop their thread!
Is sex overrated? hmm...well it's always interesting to talk about sex. Not that it's my area of expertise...but in this day and age the topic should be as common as politics and religion....
Yep, tried a few things from the shops. A few of them magic pills, a couple of prolong creams/wipes, some "Spanish Fly" coffee (Was bought as a joke). Those dildo's are quite expensive, almost same price as back in the states and they are made here! As stated in an old topic, they have a Sex Culture Trade Show here once a year, where you can see all the latest and greatest stuff including the Sybian and/or Tantra Chair for your gf/wife.
You can bargain down a long way from the starting price - they rely on the embarrassment factor.
Hi Moon,

I was passing through Pudong Airport one time when the very young looking couple in front of me had their hand baggage x-rayed. There were two such items in the young ladies bag - the officers gathered round for a look - the couple turned rather red.

No kidding, a different way to "watch a cartoon" (or walk the dog)
But that is the only place they have the extra large size condoms. All the ones in the regular stores are just too small to be of any use at all.
lol, freak boy, you are really freaky and funny. got you *l~
Hey Boo I am not joking here:) You don't think I married a beautiful girl like I did because I am rich did you, in fact I am broke.
We went to a shop with my wife once, near OCT. It was just for the fun of it, the place looked "professional", not like one of those little shop that always have a kid or a toddler inside.
It was really fun to see this sales girl giving her sales speech to mi wife, so she would buy a huge dildo. Finally my wife asked her if she ever tried one of her products and she said she did and showed my wife which dildo size she uses (very small compared to what she was trying to sell), she said that the their products were "satisfaction guaranteed".

Did not buy anything (did not need anything) but for sure it was a good laugh.



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