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over the last 20 years , i have seen a whole lot of mens who found their girl friends, some got married some didnt, for some it worked wonderfully, for others it was a daily struggle.

for who choose not to, there is a feeling there is no one as good as her. for those who got married and separated, a feeling of guilt, and why me....

for a few others a realization i didn't take the right decision.  

where it stops....... What next.... what do i do now. is marriage actually as simple as falling in love with some one.. or rather falling in love itself is so easy....

is really there something like lived happily ever after.

Marriage is a responsibility.... a fact that changes your life the way nothing else changes and there are consequences one must be responsible for....

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I'm not angry either man, I just said what I observed from the site man. I don't want to add stress man. Have a nice day man.

Man, I agree with you Marriage is a lot of responsibility. Also, it makes you grow.

Marriage is becoming one.   It isn't always ideal in this life but when it is not ideal there is more hapiness in giving than receiving  The giving of being a parent and spouse makes you better  and less selffish  and even...  more happy.

The happily ever after comes most fully in heaven.    Marriage today is a temporary picture of a more lasting 'happily ever after'   story  where the marriage is Christ and believers.     Marriage here might last a lifetime and it is a mere small glimple of something better and more satisfying that we don't know yet  and 'they will live happily ever after'  then.

Why must everything be about your religion?

In the bible it says that children born out of wedlock are Bastards - therefore, Jesus is the bastard son of God being as Mary had not devoted herself to god.

Jesus is said to be the son of god, but if we follow "the holy trinity", he is god. How can you be the son and father of yourself...? (let me guess, "some things are beyond our mere mortal minds to comprehend", the moral of the lesson - ignorance good, critical thinking bad)

Why was the bible written some 200yrs after said events are supposed to have taken place?

The book is the only source of evidence......yi know there are 7 books proving magic is real....

the contradictions go on and on....

How much of an idiot must you be to believe in this shite

The short answer is no. The long answer is not much longer.

Happily ever after is a farce. Something from a story book. There is a reason half of all marriages end in divorce. It is also foolish to think that the other half that are still married are actually happy. Polls have been done of married men, and women, and men by in large that do stay married are not happy. Polls say about 8% report being actually happy.

As I said marriage is a total farce. The irony of it is that men created marriage in the first place. Fathers to make sure their daughters were taken care of like the idea very much, and marrying men so that they can guarantee that their seed is passed on to the next generation. It was never about love, or romance. The considerations were nothing more than practical ones. It was a good deal for women as well, as they were provided for, and taken care of. It was, and is nothing more than a business arrangement.

You have seen too many romantic comedies.

God may have a purpose for what looks to the world like a wrong choice

Everyone should 'Marry wisdom' even if they are single

some times it makes sense to appear foolish........marriage is one of them.............



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