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Ok la,

I need to renew my Business Visa. So I thought calling one of these services in Hong Kong.

5000 HKD for a 1 year visa, with these money I could go back to Greece lol, its a rip off.

So my next step was to try and find a way to make my visa myself and here is the funny part.

Called my consulate, found a telephone number of Chinese Embassy in Hong Kong and called them.

What I need is :
Invitation letter from a chinese compay
Their business license
Application form
and it will take 4 working days

They said that only HK citizens can take multi entry visa and when I mentioned the private offices existance that give multi entry they had no answer.

Also they said they cannot quarantee to give me the visa even if all documents correct. When I asked them about the criteria of course there was no answerand she got angry to me. I suppose there is a secret ceremony to the Visa god who takes decisions.

My question to the most experienced: Should I give it a try or should i get ripped off by those private offices and save myself from nerves and disapointment?
Btw do not mention that hotel will be more expensive cause I'll anyway be in HK for the fair next week.

What do you think?

Greets and thanks

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I do not use F visas so I do not have any experience with this, but I suggest you might check into a visa service company in Greece.  When you exit China and go to Hong Kong you send express your passport to the Greece visa service company and they can get you a visa then express back to you.


The reason I suggest this is that from what I have seen you get a much better visa, many longer and multiple entry if you get the Visa from a Chinese consulate in your home country. 


Recently I had two American friends use the Chinese consulate in Chicago and they got two year multiple entry...I was shocked. They were able to get these without ever going in person to the consulate, they just sent their passports to the visa service company and they did it all.


I do not know if it will work for you, but it might be worth taking the time to talk to a visa service company in Greece.


Good Luck

The private offices aren't usually giving you a legitimate visa for that price and that's why it's so expensive. I mean you'll be able to use it and it will be fine providing you don't get investigated.

The embassy can't really offer this kind of service without getting into a whole lot of trouble and they are right about not been able to guarantee it. BUT providing the documentation you provide is thorough, accurate and your business activities aren't dubious you should be okay.

You get multi entry visas in China (for work purposes) usually if you are working for a Chinese company, WFO or have a representative office in China. If you are doing business with a company here they'll usually give you a few entries between 3 and 6 months in order for you to complete that business activity.

Hard times for the foreigners here I guess!

Not really, but it will be a hard time for foreigners who want to live here as illegal aliens.  If you are here legally in general there are no problems. 


It would be my estimate that the concept of being a resident of China with a tourist visa will within one to maybe two years no longer be achievable, and the concept of being a resident of China with a F visa will within three years no longer be achievable. 


Honestly, I am in complete agreement (except for a few minor issues) with strong enforcement of the foreign residency laws.  It is time for China to stop this "monkey business". 

My post was about residents of China, not people who are actual tourist or who are here legitimately for a short period of time.

Not really, but it will be a hard time for foreigners who want to live here as illegal aliens.  If you are here legally in general there are no problems.

Exactly, people are wanting to live in China on tourist/business visas for indefinite periods of time.  Just like in Thailand, once you hit a year in country on a tourist visa, you must leave the country for a minimum of three months.  Many of these folks with the visa questions are normally working illegally in China and or making money there and not even paying taxes.

oh dude, we are in a similar boat.

hit me up if you get any good info.

thanks, DAMO

fly out of country and go to a Chinese Embassy/Consulate, like Vietnam, Thailand, etc.  You can get cheap fares on Air Asia if you plan in advance.



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