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Any Sports Leagues available in Shenzhen - American Football/Flag Football ( I doubt ), Basketball, Baseball, Soccer?

Non Pro leagues, but competitive or casual adult leagues for the everyday worker?

Let me know

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basketball is my favoriate games, i always play it at weekends:)

In a league?

Check here...

SZS Groups


How about Ultimate frisbee?:) i organize a practice for newcomers on Tuesdays and a game on Sundays. I organize flag football occasionally. Usually around thanksgiving and the Superbowl. 

I'm not big on Ultimate frisbee, but you should organize a flag football game more often, 

Oh I did the last couple of years, but as much fun as people have the first few times, ppl fizzle out, stop showing up, stop answering SMSes:)

I sympathize with you as I have found a lot of people here quite unreliable in that they say they want to attend things to save a place but won't fully committ or don't show up.

Yea I understand, but there has to be a way to get something going



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