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I've spent pretty much the whole night combing the internet for ANY info for fencing lessons/clubs, with no results. Leads, information, general help, please? Thanks!

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I saw an ad in shenzhenparty abt a kendo/iaido club that meets weekends in luohhu, but the last post was a year ago, so no idea if it's still around...i just mailed them and right now i'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a reply.

If fencing's really a bust, I can settle for kendo, but no prior experience though...

You should have done a simple search for sword, this would have gotten you more results. Kendo is largely a sport, and not so realistic, as the bamboo swords used are nothing like real swords, though others may disagree.  However I know first hand, and have been practicing the sword for close to 30 years. Wushu will only get you showy movements that are not useful in real combat, and the swords used are not at all realistic, being quite thin and light. If you are looking to learn realistic fighting with the sword, you must take a class that teaches such. Won't be useful in tournaments or modern competitions, as these are merely for showy movements, but will teach you everything the sword is actually supposed to be about, like proper cutting technique, and how to win a fight, things like that, which is what I practice. Should have searched more, and smarter,not limiting yourself to one "style", one preconceived idea of the sword, and you would have found me, shame.

Feel free to contact me at  if you are still interested in learning. I only teach one person at a time, as it is not a commercial venture with me. Keep an open mind, and you may find what you seek.

Check out my listing here at the link below, I have little doubt it is all you seek and more.

How about kung-fu swords? I had a friend learning that here, but the instructor only spoke Chinese.
wushu? that would also be interesting, but my chinese might not be up to the challenge ^^; altho i might be able to muddle my way through. where's he learning?
Massively helpful, SwordMan. I’m sure Pamela will still be reading this thread 9 years after her original post...

This user seems to disappear for years at a time. I vaguely remember him being in an argument on here about publishing circa 2014 and Penguin Nick going too far as always. 

you can try these, dont know if they are still open or not

Name:Pengcheng International(shenzhen) fencing club
Address:Shekou Children's Palace,Jinhong Kaixuan City, Qianhai Rd, Nanshan
Reservation Tel:95105770

Fencing Hamlet International
Phone: (+86) 138-0224-8590 (+86) 138-0224-8590
Address :2nd floor of GongRenWenHuaGong staduim, Dongmen, Luohu
not sure if the Dongmen one was correct......
Vincent, thanks a lot for the info! PengCheng seems good, just that lessons are in Mandarin, but shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Kaminari, this is the info from shenzhenparty. I havent heard back from them, and this post is already a year old. You can check it out if you want:
We play Kendo and Iaido every Saturday and Sunday (except important Chinese holidays). Just come and visit us if you are interested!

When & Where:

8pm-10pm, Saturday, 2nd Floor of the Badminton Hall of Gui Yuan Middle School, Luo Hu District.

1pm-3pm, Sunday, 1st Floor of the Badminton Hall of Gui Yuan Middle School, Luo Hu District

Hmm? Sorry I don't understand what you mean by your question. Stone?



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