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As title says, I am a fitness addict and would like to know if anybody else is. I go to gym 4 times a week during the workdays, on weekends I indulge in Korean dramas and shopping. Anybody else?

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Only four times a week?  You're not addicted.

Yep, probably not. lol. I hope I had time for more.

The runners are the most addicted...     I'm not sure I'm a fitness addict but I enjoy it

There are endorphins released when you exercise so there is an addiction like process

As I get older being mentally fit and learning new things is at least as important ro even more important than physical exercise but I like both

That's not addict gir. You have good healthy hobbies.

Not sure what makes a person an addict

I like to cycle,  swim and lift weights and have a trainer

but....    being fit is not the most important thing

bodies in motion tend to stay in motion
bodies at rest tend to stay at rest

An addict? well... I feel allot better when I work out

I exercise at least three times a week, mostly swimming, running and weights. I finished a solo marathon in March but exercise is really an unfortunate necessity rather than something I enjoy. I have a 60-hour-a-week desk job and enjoy a drink, both of which could send me to an early grave. 

Does shagging count?

I like girls who can squirt long distance..

 I enjoy jogging ,but I am a little busy these days .

Hi Amy - I love running, but less of a gym buff than that. If you'd like to join our running group that we have on wechat, let me know! Always happy to find new members. 

A week of working out, followed by a weekend of Korean dramas and shopping. Sounds a lot like my life, Amy. We should combine these pleasures. For sexy times, please contact DR. JONES.



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