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Holiday in China is crazy,  but it's still good that it seems we have 7 days off.  Any good ideas for one week off? 

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watch dvds

go to the gym

play xbox or ps3

clean your apartment

go out for a coffee


go shopping

good sex

give blood

rob a bank

just chill and relax

Way ahead of ya buddy ;)

u do great reply on forum.

go to another country and put graffiti on their ancient artefacts

go to another country and shit on their metro

Cook lots of food and serve free food on the street. See how many people will accept it

Read a book about how shit the USA is and believe it by proclaiming china is the best

Organise an orgy?

Organise a lesbian food night in!

Go get your hair, nail and pussy done!

Hook up with a ladyboy?

Clean your house and find all the used condoms and cockroaches

Making your own bra and granny panties and give them to your friends

Celebrate National Shame day of china?

Eat chocolate till you vomit?

Buy a dildo and practice with it?

Walk from shekou to louhu?

sneak into taiwan or japan?

Drink alcohol and eat cheese till you drop?

This is Chinas special holiday. Why not join a tour group and see some of the wonderful sites in China? There are many interesting places in our Great China

See what? Everywhere is packed by people.

Yes, it is a happy time with many people! :)

Yes, it is a happy time with many people! :)

Can't agree with you on that one. It is loud noises and lots of pushing and shoving. 

How about find a remote hole and meditate then!

watch pornography

go to the bars

find laowais

clean your shithole WC

go out for a drink yet again

no sleep within 7 days

go shopping to the black market

group sex

give blowjobs

steal a police car

Happy good crazy holy-days



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