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I've been looking everywhere.

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Hi Shirley,
What a piece of luck, because I too have been looking or, at least, thinking about looking. I'm sort of attached to my teeth, after all they've been attached to me for around sixty years. However, recently they've become somewhat less attached and a couple have left me.
So where can I go to get an inspection and cost estimate? I live near Science Museum station, so somewhere fairly close on Line 1 would be good.

Hi Mike, 

Shenzhen A.K.J Stomatological Hospital headquarter is located in Luohu railway station near Luohu Checkpoint (Line 1 C exit), only 3 stops far from you. you need a check-up first, the check-up is free of charge, there will be rmb 35.00 for registration and if need to have a CT, then another rmb 150.00 is required. you can check up first and the dentist will give you exact solution and prices, then u can decide to do treatment or not. If you need, u can contact me by email: for appointment or free consultant. or u can type here.  

The one next to Luohu station is always being advertised on the metro, try that one.

I'm saved. You are AWESOME, Shirley, thank you.

My teeth have been 100 per cent fixed, so off you fuck now.



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