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Hi dears, 


not sure if i could put my quesiton here. What the custom duty will be in Maroc, when ppl import from China. for cable. Anyonw knows that? Thanks in advance.

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You are funny. ^o^
You can get it locally as well sir cold bird you just have to know the man.

Hi Michelle, I'm Chinese. I'm sales so want to know something about import business in Maroc.

Welcome to Shenzhen!

Hi Jalal, thanks very much for your help.

Actually I already read this information a few days ago, it's from douane Maroc, right?

But I don't get it well.Why the unit is kg? 2.5kg, 30kg? Sorry my french is not good enough.

Our products could be fiber optic cable, copper cable, racks...many things, used for network and telecommunications.



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