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Got off at the Louhu station and the smell of weed was so strong it smelled like 5 people were lighting up a joint. Personally don't light it up but I love the smell. Anyone else?

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no i didnt,but I did smell lots of urine at the childrens hospital

No, why ? Did you light one up ?

nah, tried it twice, not my thing.

Do people smoke weed in bars here in Shenzhen, like other places in China?

I just moved here from Zhengzhou and they smoke out in the open at the bars

the only thing to do is go to shaolin temple, give a motorcycle in the countryside and... that's it! Unless you have good friends there, don't bother! oh wait, there is a big noodle statue in the middle of the city, I love it!

You just passed a Chinese medicine shop

ever walk into a typical Chinese hospital , and pass the pharmacy/dispensary? If they dispense "Chinese medicine'

odds are the whole place will reek from Marijuana......I think weed and sulfur are the two primary ingredients of most Chinese medicine. All those bags of "medicinal teas" seem awfully similar to the "teas' cooked up by Jenny's famous cakes in Negril Jamaica (tell me I am not the only one who has ever been there)

I am taking some 'Tibetan medicine' right now for frozen shoulder......and just translated the ingredients yesterday to find the two primary ingredients are POISONOUS CENTIPEDE AND CORAL SNAKE VENOM.......

hmm, if that doesnt stop the pain, it might just stop my heart, or kidneys, or me!

Cannabis is also often used in Hot Pot here.

I think I'd rather not know what's in my Chinese medicine after hearing that!

Not easy to find the real Tibetan doctor or medicine these days. But Chinese medicine is for sure far more than just weed or sulfur. In comparison with Traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine, there are connections and differences as well. They are two different systems. I hope you find the right one : )



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