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Hi Guys,
yesterday I've been to Richy in luohu and met some guys that told me that almost all girls in these clubs are hookers.I didn't want to believe them,but I went with a guy and saw he was often dealing with the mobile phone the amount with the girls.
Ok,it wasn't almost all like he said,but almost all the more beatiful girls for sure.
Are there any genuine clubs in Shenzhen where I can meet normal girls?
Now I'm kinda scared to approach someone,because I fear she may ask me money later.

And second,what appened to many bars/clubs in luohu?Many of them were closed yesterday,like Face,Butter,D&G.

Third,were can I meet english speaking chinese?It's really depressing not being able to talk to anyone ....

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All women will ask you for money sooner or later.

Don't be afraid little boy.
I was sarcastic,but It would be depressing after you know someone thinking she's interested in you and then discover she's only after your money.Since I'm quite shy,this idea make it even harder for me to approach someone.
Welcome to won't change...just learn how to tell the hookers from the girls that just wanna party and have fun...its quite easily actually
Haha,ok I'm not talking of final purpose of the girls,that would be too much to ask.
I'm talking of real hookers who look for quick money for sex.
1-Yes,in fact I suspected that too.But many were clearly hookers.More than hookers I would say part time hookers,just some girl who see the chance of money and sell their bodies.
2-Argh,how come? What's some club you would advice?I didn't like Richy much,it's too crowded and music is too loud.
3-Ok,you have a point.Silly of me to ask,quite a stupid question :D
So it's like this in each club?Sigh :(
1. Dont be afraid dude! there are plenty of great girls here in Shenzhen you are bound to meet some of them. Personally I wont go to a club looking to meet girls but thats just me.
2. Perhaps those clubs were closed because yesterday was international celibacy day?
3. Yeah this I would say absolutely not in a club. I dont understand how people carry on conversations in a club with all the damn noise. Kami's advice was pretty good though.

By the way watch out for the fake condoms.
"By the way watch out for the fake condoms."
Ok,this definitively scared me,and this time i'm not sarcastic :D
Thanks for the hint.

Some nice place in shenzhen to meet people?
btw,I'm looking for a gym,but i'll open another topic for that.
Have you ever been refused entry to Richy on the basis of your skin colour? I was pretty annoyed when my pasty white complexion wasn't good enough for them a while back.
Never said anything about outlook.
Since you say I should visit more decent bars,care to name me some?I really have not clue,don't know much about shenzhen.
La Casa, C Union - cant think of any others right now
I don't classify La Casa as a bar or a nightclub. Certainly not the place to be picking up hot Chinese girls...



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