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I think so. You teach them a skill that will be used in business to help them make money and take a job away from a fellow countryman.  China is not an ally to the West; they lie, cheat and steal, yet you empower them, by teaching them our language.  Why not teach to a country that is Western friendly rather than in a communist country where all you do is help them or go home and teach ESL to foreign immigrants?

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Good point, even just to stir some shit up, but why not broadening this question to all the companies that in the last 20 years have moved or outsourced here to cut the expenses down, to avoid taxes or civil rights for their workers? Why just the poor English teachers? Why not the rich businessmen, the ones whom have made money impoverishing their own countries and stealing jobs to their national people to make China rich and powerful as it is today? Why not, Cynic?

Hey, don't forget the politicians and the government that made it possible for the companies back home to outsource....

difference is; a businessman exploits the Chinese for low cost products through cheap labor.  An English teacher only empowers them and gets nothing in return expect some warm, fuzzy feeling.

Money is neither warm nor fuzzy. 


But this Communist country is buying the bad debts of the nice capitalist American. 

Remember the Rosenberg'stuff. Funny no?

Who can explain to me which model as to be followed for the coming years?

And China artifically devalues their currency so that they can undercut everyone else and put them out of business. 

of course they do. Is it a problem?

Look at the current state of the world and you tell me.....

I give you 1 advise: learn Chinese.

I give you one reply:  No.


The gravy train is coming to a halt soon.

I like how you phrase it "gravy train". These Chinese work like crazy man. They've earned what they've gained in the last 30 years. And people have been saying China will slow down and start to fall apart for the last 10 years....I've heard this a million times "China can't keep this going..." I tend to agree, but I dont' think it'll be in the next 10 years...And the way the west is handling their economies I see China catching up sooner than later. 

Read my reply above. 


Artifically devaluing their currency, human rights violations and bad business practices does not equate to earning what they got.



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