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Now we all know what prostitutes are. Here's the definition from one dictionary:

"A person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activities for payment."

Several discussions back there was a thing on "Gold-Diggers". Are these women (or men, if you will) prostitutes? I think mostly they are being "kept" only for sex...

Wanna hear what you guys think?

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Hmmm...if you are talking about the girls that are getting paid by a man to stay around and have sex, I would still call that a prostitute. I've heard of those before. They get paid like RMB5000/month and the guy have sex with her now and then. I guess it's just not as dirty since the "gold digger" only have sex with one man for a couple months (i guess), and a prostitute might have to do like 3 men/ night. But according to your definition, I still consider these "gold diggers" as prostitutes.
10000% right
u back Nash!
Eva, a whore is still a whore whether you get it retail or wholesale.
- prostitutes: get overnight rate
- gold-diggers : get fixed deposit rate
porstitite : get paid by night
mistress : get paid by month
wife : get paid forever..
they all have sex with man.... who is prostitute, who is not, it is a definition made by people
golden diggers: may dig a lot but without give sex, you never know...
ungood, we are discuss the topic here, what's your mean about dirty point, or copy, you need to learn how to respect people or yourself...
I am not a golden digger first, and I hate them very much..
and I work to earn my own bread and I have enough to support myself, and I never ask a guy for money, ask all my friend when we went out to party, I pay my own drink and my friends drink more than anyone there..
Boo, if a gold digger digs without giving it up, they are not gonna dig very long nor very deep.

I think a wife gives more than sex.... or maybe you think otherwise.
Agree with you Joe... I am just being lazy and make fun there.....
LMFAO...nice one chrissy!
we all pay for what we want.. money, time, love, attention. and we all accept payment to give others what they want or need.. money, time, love, attention. we are all prostitutes.
"nod" we all prostitutes in the real word



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