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Now we all know what prostitutes are. Here's the definition from one dictionary:

"A person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activities for payment."

Several discussions back there was a thing on "Gold-Diggers". Are these women (or men, if you will) prostitutes? I think mostly they are being "kept" only for sex...

Wanna hear what you guys think?

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Who you callin' a hoe?
smee, I hope you are using the word prostitute figuratively... Because I have a day job and it does not involve sex at all.
Hey!!! its not my bloody fault my last name is Ho..... aaa who am I kidding I'm a slut.... and a poorly paid one at that.
Simple answer yes if you get money for sex with no other responsibility you are a whore. At least your wife cooks and cleans for you. Golddiggers are whore yes yes yes.
So if I order prostitution services from some girl and pay the bill once every month, that girl magically turns into something else other than what she really is, a prostitute....?
Goes way back in Chinese history, used to stress the importance, or rather lack of, against the 'main' wife.
My wife likes those period serial dramas on TV. It's usually about how some girl who is very good had a lousy husband, or a bad mother-in-law, has really bad luck, maybe the Japanese are running around killing people, or some local warlord, and then in the end all the bad people die or go crazy and the good girl that suffered so much marries the true love of her life or gets a lot of money and lives happily ever after...


Anyway, I always here the second wife (sometimes the good girl is the second wife because the bad rich guy makes her marry him) is referred to as "er tai tai" which I take to mean "2nd wife".
in guangdong its "er nai" and half or more of sz stuff girls make this list, no?

well, at least 80% of my old apartments building, Fenga Ming Yuan in Luo Hu were, and upwards of 90% of the Hong Kong Center near Dongmen are second wives

ever been near Futian Kao An border area? good place to do some research on this topic!
Dan, if they do make the list, you think they will tell you...?
Ungood, it is wise to keep general comments like your last sentence... to oneself.

Ungood, I imagine one of the whore grabbed your ex-husband from you must.... you hate them so much... they work to earn their money, they also called : work girls...
They provide the chance for some certain guys , they contributes too.. don't be so hate... easy... lol
Wheres that little jpg Woody Shoes always posted:

Gold-digger, just like a prostitute, only smarter.

Says it all.



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