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Now we all know what prostitutes are. Here's the definition from one dictionary:

"A person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activities for payment."

Several discussions back there was a thing on "Gold-Diggers". Are these women (or men, if you will) prostitutes? I think mostly they are being "kept" only for sex...

Wanna hear what you guys think?

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I dont have that pic anymore.. i lost it with a system crash :(

ThX google
my mother say prostitutes wear clothes you can still see wear one only cunt see, so I am good girl
O wow... wow. Abby - be careful not to say "cunt" this is a VERY dirty slang word for a womans private area. You just said you only wear clothes that you can see your "vagina" - *cute music .....the more you know.....
Abby, you mean you wear miniskirt and don't wear underpants...? Or was it a typo...?
we don't ask for the obvious...



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