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Are we all connected?

Did you ever get a good or bad feeling to someone for no reason? I mean, not because of being judgemental, just a feeling, the instinct, the six sense....

I do. Is it strange?

I sometime just don't like someone for no reason, even without meeting in person, not because we ever argued, or we got different opinions. I have no idea why.

And sometime just like someone for no reason either.  

And usually, my feelings are correct. The people who were liked by me, are always being liked, the people who were not liked by me, never became friends.


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Hey, there is already one topic on pot here... ;)

What? Really? Damn this forum is old!

Yes. I am connected to the whole universe so that I have different feelings towards different people-no good no bad just a fact without judgement.

I can avoid what she/he annoys me. But I am still curious about what makes him/her survive on earth. So I like All before I find out something and never dump anyone till he/she dries me out and dump me.

Puff, puff, cough, cough, pass please...

Pass pass...ask and then shoot.

"The people who were liked by me, are always being liked, the people who were not liked by me, never became friends."

Why would the people who are not liked by you ever want to become your friend? Bit of a vicious circle.

But as you said I do think we will have positive negative feelings about someone without knowing much about them, but mostly would at least need to be around them to get that feeling. We all radiant who we are or a certain type of energy, just like the dun radiates its energy.

However, If I don't like someone that I've never met, there needs to be a reason, like something they said etc.

Because many people still like me although I don't feel liking them. :p ok, I know, I just feel very good with myself.

haha, I see. Probably is mostly guys continue chase you after you already don't like them. Female would probably not be so stupid. :p

No....not like that. :p

I am not sure. I think i like people for some reasons. "Dont like someone for no reason" can be true. I believe in the Presumtion of Innocence: You are considered to be innocent until prvoen guilty. If there are actual 'eveidence' prove that you are 'guilty', then you are done.So i dont say the people who were liked are always being liked. The peopel who were not liked seldom become friends(just have no time to get to know people i dont like:))

I dont trust instincts(not sure what it is).i can trust feelings. and i need to use Brain more!!

 Btw, I like YOU!! Am i being liked by you!? :-D

TF, yes, I like you from the first time we met at Freakboy's farewell party.
And I still like you and probably will always like you.

I like you from the first time too. and i like you More now.



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