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Are we all connected?

Did you ever get a good or bad feeling to someone for no reason? I mean, not because of being judgemental, just a feeling, the instinct, the six sense....

I do. Is it strange?

I sometime just don't like someone for no reason, even without meeting in person, not because we ever argued, or we got different opinions. I have no idea why.

And sometime just like someone for no reason either.  

And usually, my feelings are correct. The people who were liked by me, are always being liked, the people who were not liked by me, never became friends.


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I usually like most of the people that I met except the ones that are rude...
Thanks for sharing the tomato language. Mind to translate for me?

Smart Girl!

..sorry, I should have said..Smart Cat!

lol! I knew that!
Guess Charlie's nose is on the forehead after he read your comment!


Yes. I feel the strong connection to your hair.

...but, my hair is very short.  :-/

Maybe too sticky! Time to wash!
Sound like an interesting story...when will you be back to SZ next time? I bought a Starbucks membership card and they give me three cups of coffee as gift. :-)
Cool. :-)



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