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Are we all connected?

Did you ever get a good or bad feeling to someone for no reason? I mean, not because of being judgemental, just a feeling, the instinct, the six sense....

I do. Is it strange?

I sometime just don't like someone for no reason, even without meeting in person, not because we ever argued, or we got different opinions. I have no idea why.

And sometime just like someone for no reason either.  

And usually, my feelings are correct. The people who were liked by me, are always being liked, the people who were not liked by me, never became friends.


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My intuition says "Hi" to your third eye in your hair! haha

@Denny, very well said! I like this intuition comment! Intuition lies in the summation of someone you meet; a brief talking; some body languages. I think sometimes the blind dates could prove what about intuition! I do think I am a very intuitive person. And I have been trying to see people with my third eye too.

By the way, I did mess up with "intuition" and "tuition" when I learned the two words at the very beginning.

Make sense. Personal preference, maybe.

Well, everyone is alike.



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