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As far as i know, for easten education,mostly teach us how to avoid making mistake but persue perfectness while western education like to encourage people after they have tried and made mistake.

Just yesterday, i was told Dont be afraid of making mistake. If without mistakes, you would not grow up.

Its impressive! I have grown up by making different even stupid mistakes.

You ?

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Yes. But I always tell myself not to make the same mistake again. Just sometimes,some details we really need to pay attention or easily to make the same mistake twice.

Thanks for the comments.


Nope, never. That's why I didn't pursue my childhood dream of becoming a doctor.

My parents wanted me to become a doctor or a public school teacher. I did not know if there's anything concerned about what i have persued. But i just did not like...

Now, i am glad i did not follow their ideas cos i never like the atmosphere of a hospital. I feel cold even chilling in a hospital. I have been in hospital when i was in high school. That's terrible.

I could smell what a Hell.

Oh really ?

Never ever ?

@Filthy Lucre, there is a mistake that we can't meet for Friday

Your birth is a mistake.

Why ?

What about yours?



I am not afraid of making mistake because I don't feel regret for any mistake I made. People only would feel regret for things that they didn't try and never would feel regret for anything that they had tried-good or bad.


;-) ass!  but, a rather cute smart ass!

Grandpa found his way home---still sober :-)

..LOL, yes I finally did, wow no taxis.  Thanks Dear, it was a fun evening as usual



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