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As far as i know, for easten education,mostly teach us how to avoid making mistake but persue perfectness while western education like to encourage people after they have tried and made mistake.

Just yesterday, i was told Dont be afraid of making mistake. If without mistakes, you would not grow up.

Its impressive! I have grown up by making different even stupid mistakes.

You ?

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I can explain this to you.

In "failure weighs ounces", this means that the failures are less worry (not as important as) than the

"regrets" because they "weigh tonnes" (are more unforgettable or you feel them more, they mean more to your life than the failures should mean).

Thanks Mars Lover. I understand much better. So in other hand, just try and do it, no matter successful or failed, don't regret . If regret, will feel sad and unforgettable.


Not afraid.I am gonna make a same mistake again.

Like you always said Quitting something but you are still doing what you tried to Quit huh ?


Yea, no alcohol is a joke but i am truly working on it. I just got rid of a bottle of vodka stocked in my refrigerator! no kidding! Last time you saw me drinking beer, see, a progress! i am staying away from WR which is"addictive.::)))  But have to say: WR is sooo sweet , beer is soooo bitter(can easily destroy my mood)!

Ah, so nice to see u are making progress then. ;-)

By mistake, i didnt mean alcohol..:P

i am not afraid of making mistakes and the results .but the blame from people around me . it is really furstrating . and a  lot of perfection is ending up doing nothing  but  wondering around  all the time  .

Somehow...True...but your choice...

You are very nice,Wang!

Who usually give you the punishment?

well, we all have made mistakes,especially as a kid or teenager. My father used to punish me but i did not know if its a mistake. They think its a mistake so that they punish me. But i did not know What Is A Mistake.

If I know its a mistake, I would not do it.

So just collect the right consequences.


Heather, for me, the worst mistake is not doing what it is I want to do or have planned out. 

Am not afraid of making a mistake, and as some people here have said, don't make it twice. I don't believe my persona has anything to do with my western upbringing either, just personal choice.



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