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While you are at work, under pressure or different circumstances. 

Do you show emotion in public?

Or not? 

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My emotions show on my face. I can't help it.

Easy face lol

Ok, seriously, follow the 20%80%, show easy face 20% of the time only.

So it can be a good thing? 

yes Iam

Yes what you see is what yo get. if I am sitting there with some hung dog expression then you had better stay away because I am in bitch mode. But if i am sitting there with a big shit eating grin then by all means come and get it.

I rarely ever get angry, it's just not in my genetic make up.. And hate fighting in public. If a girl starts to raise her voice or yell in public I'll just walk away. Game over. Hate fighting and rather just silently steam than blow up.. Cause I usually find after cooling down it wasn't a big deal anyway... 

YES i'm easy Face!!!!!!!!

I seldom show negative emotion in public , i just rage in my own room when i am really really angry



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