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Some years a go I stayed in the Captain Youth Hostel close to the Bond in Shanghai...

Something wired happened which I believed the creator of youth hostels ...never expected would happen..

A man and a woman fucked like animal in the 8 people room where I stayed. 

The next morning, a guy asked me, did you hear what happened last night?

I replied, I was not sure what was going on?

Then, looking back at that experience, I put a termination to my msn space and hotmail.

A world of dirty animals really made me sick...

But, am I not an animal?

Perhaps, human being are higher level and we are not animals...

However, do we really feel safe travelling around the world?

Is there a safer home for us who have less earthly desires... better than that Captain Youth Hostel? 

I just wonder if we can create a community together of mutual valuing, mutual understanding and intimacy where we don't need to worry Ah, my Door was Not Locking or I would be afraid living in the darkness?

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Hahaha 2 people doing the most natural thing possible disturbs you - wow, you must be that special kind of fucked up person ... Or you're Chinese ...

You sound like you are dying for a good fucking, but you'll never drop the facade so it will never happen. It may have already happened but you hate yourself so much you refused to enjoy it.




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