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Some years a go I stayed in the Captain Youth Hostel close to the Bond in Shanghai...

Something wired happened which I believed the creator of youth hostels ...never expected would happen..

A man and a woman fucked like animal in the 8 people room where I stayed. 

The next morning, a guy asked me, did you hear what happened last night?

I replied, I was not sure what was going on?

Then, looking back at that experience, I put a termination to my msn space and hotmail.

A world of dirty animals really made me sick...

But, am I not an animal?

Perhaps, human being are higher level and we are not animals...

However, do we really feel safe travelling around the world?

Is there a safer home for us who have less earthly desires... better than that Captain Youth Hostel? 

I just wonder if we can create a community together of mutual valuing, mutual understanding and intimacy where we don't need to worry Ah, my Door was Not Locking or I would be afraid living in the darkness?

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Hahaha 2 people doing the most natural thing possible disturbs you - wow, you must be that special kind of fucked up person ... Or you're Chinese ...

You sound like you are dying for a good fucking, but you'll never drop the facade so it will never happen. It may have already happened but you hate yourself so much you refused to enjoy it.


Because terminating your hotmail account is such a logical response to overhearing a couple fucking at a youth hostel.  She is definitely Chinese.

Good to see you back, Ubi.



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