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2012 Feb 17th, 23:56:41, a group of French guys stole 500rmb from the tip glass, caught him and asked him to put them back, gave back 100, argue with them like with the kids,"we have no time to joke with you, it's not funny bla bla" and also searched his front pocket, only several 1yuans, he is poor! I forgot to check his back pockets and the floor, from VCR we looked later, this smart guy dropped some on the floor let his friends pick them, and some in his back pocket.

Poor guys, if you dont have money for drink, then stay at home....

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Sorry to hear that,how can anyone steal the hard money, that is LOW...

Well said.

I could not care that much if it was a common theft story among poor&rich people.. But It was "tips". That's why I would call them as sob instead of bastards only...

Yup if we catch them they will be forced to do the la casa walk of shame which culminates with an ass slapin by Grandpa 

wow,a group of French guys?did you read some news about some visitors in france they were stole,just chinese always take some next time watch out!

Once a thief, always a thief, It's a pity they cannot catch these guys, and give them community service work, ie: sweeping the streets, and cleaning out public dunnies etc!

Unfortunately Mary , there are good and bad people in every Country, from around the world.

If I had caught them , they will have handed that money back pretty quickly!

Hmm, 500 kuai too, it's not a huge amount of money, shame, hope these guys get a full photo mug-shot on Shen Zhen stuff, "name and shame" I say!

Finally whether it is 500 Kuai or 1 kuai, it's still theft, and the principle of such is that this money doesn't belong to anyone but the rightful intended recipients, hope the pieces of shit who stole the moolah hang their heads in shame!

In china 500 RMB is a lot of money, most of the time that's about 25% of most locals salary.

If someone would steal 25% of my monthly salary and be a bitch about it I would go frenzy.

Up with their pics on the LaCasa wall of shame!

enlighten me, where was my mistake Gao? :P

Your mistake was answering Gao...


ha ha, good point JD.

Unfortunately, there isn't an ignore button in the threads section, or an automatic "erase Gao's thread" button! :P


JD's point is that your mistake was in that you answered Gao even though Gao was not replying to your comment . . . 

anyway her reply was rather vague so I can see how its easy for you to get confused :p 

@ Gao (he he he) .......The super troll, has just noticed that you have changed your profile again, may I say, your new photo is a huge improvement on the last one.

This black and white one (displayed above) is your best profile picture to date! :P





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