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Where the heck is THE FRED FONG? 

Guitar player and Shekou performer, last seen was with a very suspicious YCG and a couple of drunk English teachers at Coco park. His family here in SZS is very worried about his well-being. Thanks!

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Kev the Kid said that he and The Fred were kicked off the site - neither of them knew why.

Hmm, maybe he's a little too colourful for Admin. Kev unmasked Wolfie's real identity. 

Well, it's a long and uninteresting story. In mid-2016 I inadvertently found out that iWolf was Randal Foley, a fat middle-aged English teacher who lives in Zhongshan. It turned out he had already been doxxed on Guangzhou Stuff some 5 months before. 

Being attacked on this site by iWolf and his numerous allies (eg Dr Jones, Ubiquitous, Raven) is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  And I was once forced to suck off a goat at gun point. 



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