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I have both Topway cable modem and China Telecom services, The ADSL service from China Telecom is 12mb/s but frequently the performance drops below 1mb/s.  Sometimes down to nothing.  Yesterday I had engineers from both providers out and both of them just looked at me like I was crazy when I suggested that I should be able to expect that QQ should not disconnect.


I'm really in a situation where I am willing to pay whatever I have to, how do I find someone that can help me?  English is not required, my assistant can translate for me.

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I have a friend who is just now setting up a DSL to Hong kong.


It is very pricey but if you are willing to pay it is what you are looking for.


send me a pm and I will give you his digits.

If you are near a border with HK, tether a 4 or 4.5G connection from a HK service provider (Smartone-vodafone is likely the best) over to your phone in Shenzhen and set the phone up to be a modem for your home/office. Unlimited data plans are offered, so that won't be any problem.


I did this and it was much faster than anything offered in SZ, plus you get the full real internet! You can test whether this is feasible to you if you manually choose the network on your phone (with the HK sim card in it)and see if it can find the HK service provider. Tons of places get HK signals in SZ and many HK people connect to their HK networks when in SZ for convenience.


Otherwise, ADSL is better than cable, because even if cable is the faster technology, all outgoing and incoming connections to foreign sites must go through the telecom companies due to Chinese regulations. Therefore, it creates a bottleneck, which defeats the entire point of cable's capable speeds.

That sounds like a fantastic option.   I've been working on bridging a multi channel VPN and routing one leg through different firewalls.   Its clearly a pain in the ass that I would rather avoid.  Sure, the nerd level is off the scale, but, one again.... a lot of work.



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