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I need to apply for a new work visa, and the rest of the papers have already been taken care of, except my Alien Employment Permit still has six months left on it. The guys who give out the invitation letter said that I need to have it cancelled and apply for a new one, because my new work visa will be valid for one year and it has to be issued at almost the same time as the AEP, or I will not be issued a residence permit when I come back from HK. How do I go about this? Any ideas? Thanks in advance for all your help.

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You have to go to the PSB with a letter of release from the employer who got you the previous AEP. 

I didn't finish.

So you go there with your AEP, and your letter of release and a letter of recommendation, and they will cancel your previous AEP and then your new employer has to apply for one. Or maybe you can just do a transfer.

Have someone call the PSB and enquire.

So I need to get a letter of release from my previous company. Thanks a lot! :-)

Actually, I remember now that your previous employer has to cancel your permit at the PSB. They need your Foreign expert certificate. After that they will give you the official letter of release with the stamp from the PSB, and you can go and get a new one.

I did all that through the phone with my former company and picked up the documents a few days letter. 

There was the letter of release, a document stating I had worked for them and for how long and a recommendation letter.

Oh, how long will the cancellation take?

I think it took them two days.

You have to have your FEC cancelled first then to go for the PSB. I had it done same day before.

i got it solve thanks

Hi Guys,

I REALLY need help about the Cancellation Certificate of the work permit.

My previous company don't want to give me my previous work permit document neither the Cancellation Certificate of it. What can I do? I got a new job and they want to make my work visa as fast as possible but I am chasing my previous employer who was a university in Guilin and nothing is happening!!!

What is PSB and AEP?


Are you sure you even had a work permit with your previous company? Did you get it yourself or did you even see it? They might have said they processed it for you but really didn't.

I have some question hope anyone can help, I currently quit my job so my employer want me to give to them my alien work permit for them to cancel it, if I give my alien work permit is it mean that they can cancel my resident permit or china working visa? they said to me that they will not cancel my resident visa or china visa all they need is to give me release paper to cancel the alien working permit that attached to there company name, is it better to me if I give them my alien permit? I still have almost 8 months visa left. I will be glad if someone can advise me about this matter.

i am not sure but the rule says that once a employee leaves a company , company must inform labour department with in 30 days. Still from your point of view if you give them your work permit please make sure you have in writting from them  for surrendering the work permit to them and that you have been released of all your responisbilities. The second part is very important. Now coming to work permit and resident visa. they both are different and are handled by different departments. Incase you wish to find anather job or work again in same province better make fresh application at the same time so that it is easier to get approval.  Once the visa / work permit expires you have no choice but to make fresh application.



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