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Important question,As the title.........

PS Any girl who manages to include me in either category gets a free dinner and a big kiss.
PPS Thanks to Bunny for giving me the plagiaristic idea.

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Now this is a great pick up line. I can learn from you more and more oh great one Mike.
The offer clearly only applies to girls - so no dinner or kiss for you.
I'll let Eva respond to this one.
I'll let Eva respond to this one.
Maybe they've blocked SZStuff again. If she's preparing for the dinner she's got plenty of time - it's at least ten days away and she'll have spent her salary by then, I guess.
cute guy
sexy guy
then i will get two dinner, right// P:)
Do you want the kisses before or after?
how abt change two kisses to one dinner?

how do u think of urself, mike, cute or sexy?
Maybe change the two kisses for a breakfast - I don't have to kiss you know.

I hate being called "cute" - Dan used to do it when she really wanted to annoy me - most of the time in fact - and I don't think I'm sexy. I think that I'm interesting and funny.
i kn, some hates to be called "cute"
i think, u r a kind guy, sometimes
hey mike,unfortuntely,i met neighter cute guy nor sexy guy before. i will be very glad to know them if you like to introduce them to me:))))



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