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Important question,As the title.........

PS Any girl who manages to include me in either category gets a free dinner and a big kiss.
PPS Thanks to Bunny for giving me the plagiaristic idea.

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see??? you're a joker .....
Mike, you are no doubt the sexiest and cuties guy I have ever seen!

(Can I have the dinner and skip the kiss)? LOL!
So what exactly am I getting out of this June?
Great conversations over dinner!

Okay, I will buy the dessert, lol!

There's nothing I like better than good converstaion over dinner.
There's nothing better than sharing your hopes and fears with a sympathetic person.
There's nothing better than having a shoulder to cry on when you need it.
There's nothing better than discussing the problems of the World today.
As long as I get a good shag at the end of it.
You champion! Great stuff.
LOL! I know something is coming! No free dinner after all!
Would you prefer the free lunch? I'm at my best in the afternoon.
Neh, too many hidden terms ;-)

I wlll invite aunt mei mei for lunch instead. lol.
I didn't think the terms were in the least hidden.

You like me better in a dress? Interesting.
sorry I have no time
Don't scare them away AD.



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