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today is May 20. it becomes specail day in China, because 520 this three words in Chinese sounds like the Chinese words 我爱你 (I love you).

Haha, so hope Laowai can have a special day or date.

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520 is three words, 5,2,0, in Chinese Wu Er Ling, sound like Wo Ai Ni...

Wolf,its a chinese thing,you dont need to follow.

Chinese thing? You mean a Chinese ear somehow manages to hear 'ni' where you are supposed to hear 'ling'??? Hm. Sorry, it doesn't sound like 'wo ai ni' AT ALL. And yes, I have a good phonetic ear to be able to tell.

girl,does :)looks like smile?? i bet you have a good phonetic ear to be able to tell.but you might not understand chinese humor very well. no one force you to use 520 than wo ai ni.

Then wouldn't have 521 been a better number and date? At least it sounds closer.

0(ling),chinese have problem with n l,not 1(yi) y l. i hope yu understand what i meant.                       

Chinese have a problem with the number 1? What do you mean?

many chinese (especially south people) mixed N and L when they pronouce it,thats why make 0(ling) sounds more like ni than 1(yi). It's the other way round. Southerners (Cantonese-speaking Chinese, in particular) often replace 'n' with 'l', as in, instead of 'nei', they say 'lei'. So 'ling' in that case absolutely cannot become 'ning'.

Once again, everything about so called "similar sounds" is so totally far-fetched in China!

You would have to have a really bad lisp to make either ling or ning sound like ni.

Does this come from those stupid rhyming games that started with the HK tv variety shows?

520 came from this song 《数字恋爱》by Mavis Fan,and she is from Taiwan.



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