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My friend who has got married find a right single woman and deep love each other, but for few time, woman knows his status and she have to stop continue the relationship, they are all confused how they can do, any advice or experience like this.

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Your friend called Lawrence?
Have you wife wacked. It's cheaper than divorce.
deep love? What is deep love? I've only come across deep throat.

Convert to Islam, then you can have upto 4 wives, problem solved!

Your wife is probably also cheating on you, the only difference is they are better at keeping it secret :)

It's probably wrong one at wrong time.  Find one that doesn't care about status, problem solved and no confusion.

i fall in love with him who got married and has a first, i did care his situation, but at last i don't care cuz i love him. 

That's called stupidity, and love is a choice you can change your mind about. If his situation is bad you dump him. Same goes for men.

not everything is time tested, quite often lot of human relation comes under subjective assessment, more over people change over period of time, relations mature...... let time handle it......... anything forced upon will always have the opposite effect........

Time is the best remedy



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