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In SZ I have none, but in England we have a cat and a dog, about whom more later.

In Weipeng Gardens, where I live, a woman in the same block as me has an unusual pet. It's a pig, now a famous pig because it made it into SZ Daily newspaper. I have watched that pig grow from very small eight or nine years ago into something really large, so that it has to stand diagonally in the lift.

If you come to Weipeng near Science Museum [Ke Xue Guan] station you may get lucky and see the pig, or get very lucky and see me.

Resident keeps pig as pet for nine years

WHILE many people choose cats and dogs as pets, a resident in Huaqiangbei prefers to keep a miniature pig, which has grown to nearly 90 kg in nine years, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported Sunday.

According to the resident, surnamed Liu, the pig was brought home by her daughter nine years ago. As the pig’s former owner hadn’t controlled its diet, its weight increased dramatically. “When we first saw it, it had grown to one-third of its present size,” said Liu.

In the past nine years, Liu’s family and the pig have developed fond feelings for each other. Every night, Liu sits on the sofa and watches TV, while the pig lies on the floor enjoying the air conditioning.

The pig is not a picky eater. It eats whatever the family eats and has three meals a day. Its favorite foods include corn, sweet potatoes and steamed bread. “It now weighs nearly 90 kg. I want it to lose weight and control its diet, but it hasn’t had much effect,” said Liu.

“Someone once wanted to pay me 80,000 yuan (US$12,464) for it, but I refused,” said Liu, adding that the pig is very clean and never urinates or defecates randomly in the home or in public places.

Having been together for a long time, Liu has also gotten familiar with its temperament. Whenever a stranger enters the house, it becomes angry and stands in the doorway or nudges the person away with its snout.

“It regards the house as its own territory. If a stranger wants to come in, it will certainly disagree,” Liu said.

Most of the residents living in the housing estate agree that Liu is very particular about hygiene while walking the pig. In addition, the pig is very well-behaved and quiet. “Living in the housing estate, we all know the pig and are already accustomed to it,” said a resident.

But there are also different voices. Another resident told the reporter from the daily that she couldn’t bare being in the same elevator with the pig.

To this, Liu said she tries to avoid causing inconvenience to others in daily life. “We don’t go in if there are people in the elevator. Also, we choose to go out when there are fewer people,” she said.

(Zhang Yu)

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It's pink too.I just like it.

I got used to pigs when I was young. My grandparents used to have some and we kids played with the small ones and then ate them when they got bigger. The pig here is a Saddleback, but we had Middle Whites which are pink all over.

I never played with pigs.I only had two hamsters.

In the years after the Second World War England was very poor and could not afford to import much food. My grandparents not only had pigs, but chickens too, so we got as many eggs as we wanted, but most people didn't. The cats there were working cats because where you have chickens you also get mice and you needed the cats to kill the mice. So the cats I knew then were quite wild.

My grandparents had pigeons,chickens,ducks,grape tree and orange trees in their small graden.They all died after my grandpa died,my grandma didn't like thoes kind of things at all.

By the way,Hello kitty is pink too,not wild.

Mine also had apple trees - both eating and cooking, different sorts of cherry trees, raspberry and gooseberry bushes, tomato plants, and also grew rhubarb. My grandmother made wine from the rhubarb.

My grandparents had pigeons,chickens,ducks,grape tree and orange trees in their small graden.They all died after my grandpa died,my grandma didn't like thoes kind of things at all.

By the way,Hello kitty is pink too,not wild.

At least,UK still had colonies after The Second World War.UK of course got something after that famous meeting.


Out of the topic,this report is too much simple,the vocabulary in this article,I mean.

Well, who are the target for something like this? I get my international news and main China news elsewhere. I guess most other foreigners do too. So it's local news and "human interest"clike this. Most foreigners won't be interested. So I think it's mainly aimed at Chinese people who have some interest and it's being pitched at a level they think appropriate.

Does UK newspaper has much more elegant words than USA newspaper?I guess so.English songs have much better lyrics than American songs.So as Irish songs and books.

This is the one that I've read one way or another for the last 50+ years.



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