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"A woman doesn't need a man, as if a fish doesn't need a bike." (Not sure what were the original words)

Anyway, do you really need a man?

If you are financially independent (here not mean 4000rmb a month, it means a humble but decent life.)

If you can have a handsome lover to have the mind blow sex.

If you can have friends to hang out with on weekend.

If you can have girls to gossip and laugh together.

If you already got a baby to adore or you can buy the good sperm from a bank....

Why the hell do you still need a man in your life?

Not to mention, all man's nature, their instinct is to have as more women as he can in his whole life(or maybe before 70 years old)....

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Said by who?

But once you catch each other, there is no more chasing and being chased anyway.....

I agree, let's enjoy the process. :-)

Oh damn I shouldn't have started this topic, now I got a strong competitor.

Do you mean we will chase her together but in the end you will let me have her?

Great, then let's chase her together ans share her together. :P


No we don't! :-)

opening jars and killing spiders

That is true. LOL.

Or maybe we need jar opener and Insecticidal spray?

I do have two cockroach occupied the outlet of my kitchen, I think they are in love so I didn't kill them.

Of course I do.

:-) You do?  I can't help to ask....

OK, I will not ask... ;P



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