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So after 4 years on F visas i am applying for the famous Chinese Z visa. My company is taking care of all the formalities and it should be much nicer than having to run to HK or flying back home to get my visa all the time.

However, it appears that the Chinese government requires me to show a tenancy (or rental) contract, probably as proof of address or something.  It will be a bit tricky to get an official rental contact since my landlord is living in the States and is probably not interested to get an official rental contract where he would have to pay taxes to the Chinese government.

My question is, do i really need an officially stamped rental contract or can i just make up an contract with a friend who owns an apartment or are there any other tricks (checking into an hotel for a night, saying i am in HK right now etc).  My guess is that quite a few people here already got their z-visa and not everybody can have an official rental contract in his name.

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My question is, do i really need an officially stamped rental contract

Yes, Local Police station asks that contract to be checked/paid taxes at Tax office (whatever its name).
but, To register an address at local police station, They ask official rental contract checked/signed by Tax office too. This is What they asked me 2 months before.
Same thing with me. It's my third renewal this year.

My colleague didn't get lucky, though. So his landlady had to include the realty tax to his monthly rent since then. And he had to pay the unpaid taxes from when he started renting the place.
who knows when he rented? just make a new contract as he moved one month before.
Thanks for the info. i will try to get a similar arrange with my landlord.

I went to this police registration office before and they made it sound very complicated saying they would require an official rental contract and that they would come over and check if i really live there but i guess i can get around this somehow..
Legally, yes. You need that when you go to your local police station to register. They will issue you a "Registration for Temporary Residence", this you need for your residence and work permit.
:) Just about the same time my Canadian colleague got his visa, too and they asked him that.

Who knows what these guys at PSB are thinking. Probably it depends on their mood?
Probably it depends on their mood?

yes very professional
The rental contract is not for your visa but for your residents permit that you must have to get your official work permit which you must have to get your work visa. Also you might need to leave the country for 10 days as you are officially not allowed to get a work visa from the Chinese Government while you are in China, now in most cases you can just spend a couple of week in Hong kong and your company will send you the papers and you can get a temporary visa for 30 from the embassy in Hong kong, Then on the other hand if you country is on the hot list you will need to go back there to get your visa as they will not give you one in HK.
For the most part if you do not do all these things and your company gets you a visa anyway be very careful, although the visa might be good you will still be working illegally as they have not gotten you a working permit. In fact most training center in the city are not getting the right paper work for their teachers because they are not officially allowed to hire foreigners so they just get a residents permit for them which only legally allows you to come and go from China.
Good luck, pray you won't have to fly back to your country, to apply for the Visa.

you are ....... :)
Well, should it turn out to be that difficult i am happy to continue with my F-visa. Never hat any problems getting a 6 month visa in Germany. Work permit means paying taxes to the Chinese government without getting much in return.
Yeah, good point. Never bothered much with this possibility. Sooner or later the time will come when they start checking for foreigners without work permit.



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