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November 11 has over the last two decades become celebrated as Singles' Day in China, because the number 11 reminds Chinese people of two barren, lonely sticks.

Are you still a pathetic single digit, incomplete and still not blessed with the unparalleled joy and sense of completion that being in a relationship brings?

This weekend, take the initiative, get out of your apartment and make one last struggle to make a family with your barren stick. It will be easier than normal, because no one wants to attend a mirthless dinner party with all their loser single friends, or attend a single's night full of unappetizing leftovers.

what shall your guys do?

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Is this an-other ad?

; )

LOL. Nice one. Just the pathetic bit threw me off already.

What do you call a loser who goes to a singles party, meets another loser and marry that loser?

If Loser+loser=winner
Then Winner+winner=Loser

Right? :)

LOL. I may prefer to ignore loser and winner. It supposed to be no loser and no winner. Each one will pass Single's Day. Who cares about 'loser"?

Visa House Team?

Fucked up.

No, it's loser x loser =  Loser squared.

To quote Heather,

"Visa House Team?

Fucked up."

I shall enjoy being a loser.

I am happy to be single! No need to define what WINNER or LOSER is?

OMFG another day to make more money!

Another day, another way!

Oh, and did I say,

"Visa House Team?

Fucked up"

I am a loser on this.

Go to the beach, windy, cold, dark, wet and scary!!  Boo hoo!!!!



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