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Well I can't say exactly how soon it is coming, but the technology has been developed!

It's a small awesome little UV ray device you can install into your taps or pipes to instantly disinfect water to make it safe for drinking!


Technology is the fucking best.


Check it out.

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i wonder how much it'll cost...

Won't happen in the near future as the water/bottling companies will leverage against this.

are you suggestion the technology is a lie and doesn't work?

I would suggest you check out the links I put to learn more about bottled water.

bottled water is thousands of times more expensive than tap water, it is often less safe (in western countries), it nearly constantly looses tastes tests, and the cheer amount of plastic (which from U.S. customers alone can circle the globe 5 times every single week), the amount of our dwindling oil supply used during manufacturing, the waste and pollution caused by this falsely created demand is a major contributor to the destruction of our planet.

plus in some cases bottled water is actually just filtered tap water that is repackaged. 

now while it's currently a lot more necessary in China, we should all be excited about the prospect of an alternative. 

joking right? do you know what a pyramid scheme is?

modifying the tap has been done already for many many years so the water can be drinkable, so its nothing new really... 

really? can u show me this existing technology so I can see? I'm very curious.

Can you be a little more specific with your link?
All I can find is water filtration devices....

Unless u think the technology I posted is the same as water filtration? 

There is literary THOUSAND of products in this category.

I remember we got one at home about 6  years ago or something, it was a 3 liter box with active coal filter and some other jibber jabber stuff, worked awesome.


I just took a few out from the first 10 hits after searching on google for "water filter"



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