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Well I can't say exactly how soon it is coming, but the technology has been developed!

It's a small awesome little UV ray device you can install into your taps or pipes to instantly disinfect water to make it safe for drinking!


Technology is the fucking best.


Check it out.

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really? can u show me this existing technology so I can see? I'm very curious.

Can you be a little more specific with your link?
All I can find is water filtration devices....

Unless u think the technology I posted is the same as water filtration? 

There is literary THOUSAND of products in this category.

I remember we got one at home about 6  years ago or something, it was a 3 liter box with active coal filter and some other jibber jabber stuff, worked awesome.


I just took a few out from the first 10 hits after searching on google for "water filter"

This will kill viruses? and bacteria. Seems like nonsense to me, firstly viruses aren't commonly spread through tap water - bacteria and micro-organisms are.


But... part of what makes water unfit to drink here is heavy metal contamination and this device won't do anything about that - I'd stick to bottled water if I was you.

why is it nonsense that UV technology can kill bacteria and viruses and micro-organisms? It kills anything living...


I didn't know that about heavy metal contamination... maybe your right... but how does boiling the water fix this problem, like when you make tea in the kettle or cook soup? Does boiling remove the heavy metals?

Firstly it's nonsense that viruses would be present in the water to be killed, viral transmission tends to be host to host because viruses don't last long outside of their hosts.


Boiling does fix contamination to an extent in that it tends to remove a good chunk of impurities in the water (check out the gunk that collects on the heating element) but it's not a good way to deal with heavy metal contamination. We don't boil tap water for drinking in our house, or for cooking - it's bottled water all the way.

I'm sure you've heard of hepatitis? It is a virus that is comonly known to exist in contaminated drinking water.

I don't like making claims without evidence however so here are a bunch of websites you can read that show that yes virus's do exist in tap water.

Now you are right that virus's cant reproduce without existing inside a living host... however they can contaminate water and be preserved in their until drank.

Perhaps you have a point about the heavy metals being somewhat a problem, however considering that millions of Chinese drink boiled water every day, it would suggest that this new technology would be safe for use on the tap water if it does kill all the living organisms as claimed. 

But if it's no better than boiled water, why use this new technology?

Really dude?

Because.... Boiling water takes lot of time and gas/electricity?
Try boiling water then taking a cold drink on a hot day... 


How about water fountains? they almost don't exist in China... but they could with this technology... 


Plus any technology that would encourage people to move away from the terrible impacts of bottled water is a huge deal.

We should embrace this technology... Technology is a good thing

Heavy metal and chlorine are what I'm really worrying about, so this UV won't do anything for me.


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