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Fellas: Will you be in a relationship with a girl who has no job and no education?

Please be honest here.....

Is it all about the booty?  

What if this girl was a high school dropout or just a farm girl who never even went to high school and spoke no English, or just the simple six words.  What if she was unemployed and happy about it and listed shopping as her #1 hobby?  

Would you still want to have a relationship with her? 

What if she had looks so hot it could melt an ice cream and a body that was like POW?  

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To me, it doesn't matter where she's from, what her educational background is, what job she has, or even how pretty she is.

All I would like is for her not to be crazy.
Define 'crazy'!!
Crazy, just another word of saying Women are unpredictable.
Well when i mean crazy - i mean frickkin stark raving homocidal lunitic C R A Z Y.... maybe its just me but older i get the crazier they are lol
Still, your 'definition' tells me nothing :-P Specific examples of 'craziness', please!!
this tiny little box is far far too small to give examples lol. Believe me, i might have seen everything by now - i hope...
Excuses, excuses :-)
Women get wiser as they age. Stop choosing them younger and younger... :p
Like a good wine they get better with time
Crazy, just another word of saying Women are unpredictable.

Hmmm...are you trying to tell me that men are always predictable??? Gosh, I wish it were the case...
For once, I could have written that comment!
;-) Yeah, once I was there first :-D



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