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I would rather ___________________ than ____________________. 





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This reminds me the homework I was helping a friend's kid with the other day, not easy at all..

Let me give it a try anyway :-p

I would rather be a drunken monkey than a sober human :-)

I miss a word scramble game that I played before....
I would rather fart than shart.
I would rather be a living commoner than a dead hero.
I would rather giving than being given.
That's the way to go.


I would rather be hurt than hurt.

heheh no i would rather hurt than be hurt

I would rather be a happy loser than an unhappy winner.


I would rather be loved than be rich.


I would rather have a job I loved than one that pays me more.

Drink piss than Eat shit!
Filling in the blanks always makes my mind go blank...



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