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Any good football palyer want to join with my new football team?  Weekly Sat or Sun game in Futian, Shenzhen.

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This week i m not available but from next week i will be glad to play soccer with you guyz.

I m french, 25 years old, and soccer is my religion^^ I ve played 15 years in club so i m not that bad.

Keep in touch


Welcome to join with my team. I'm always stay in HK. So, please call with my captain Mr. Benson Mobile: 13725546433 next Thu to check the next match time schedule.

If you free, you can also join with us today in Lianhua West (Shenzhen Metro Station) 16:30pm to 18:30pm



this week schedule: 08Sep12 Match in Lianhua West   (Lianhua West, Shenzhen Metro Station)

I ll be happy to join you today. what time the match is scheduled?

does anybody knows some  football clubs in shenzhen ????

many i may say but you can also join us 

Hi jim here I called you today

Hi Arnaud Riam,

I just back from my business trip. Sorry forgot to tell you the match time last week. Please try to join this week match as belows schedule:

23Sep12 - 18:15pm Match in Lianhua West - No.4 Football Field  (Lianhua West, Shenzhen Metro Station). Any question, please call Benson Mobile: 13725546433.



Hi Guys,

Will you have game this weekend?


Hi Aleks,

due to China National Holiday, next game will be start from Oct 7 or Oct 14. Any news, will let you know asap



Hi Stanley

I m back in Shenzhen after 2 weeks spent between Beijing, Shanghai and HongKong.

Next game you plan to do I ll be there for sure. Just let me know.

Hope to have the pleasure to play with you guys soon.


hi Amaud,

13Oct12 - 18:00pm Match in Lianhua West - No.2 Football Field  (Lianhua West, Shenzhen Metro Station). Any question, please call Benson Mobile: 13725546433  Benson qq no.: 17735686

wait for you this weekend!!






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