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(price: free for a limited time)

Hey there,


Are you a beautiful Chinese girl between the ages 18-29?

Are you attracted to foreigners but think they are asshole playboys without a sense of commitment?

Lucky for you, Foreign Love Services has a solution! Just in-time for singles day!


We provide a handsome foreigner named Devin for you to seek revenge against all Foreigners on.

Devin is polite, friendly and respectful... and best of all you can use Devin as your love making toy, and then throw him away without commiting to a relationship with him.

Devin is a traveller who doesn't plan to get married in China so he wont mind, but as part of your package, he will pretend you broke his heart, so you can feel revenge against past foreigners who have done the same to you!


Devin also provides the perfect way to 'experience' making love with a foreigner without he risk of a broken heart. Devin has been instructed to put the pleasure of his clients as his top priority, and was recently featured in 'Imaginary Magazine' as one of the top 10 best love makers of 2011.

Unleash your desire to have fun with foreign boys without the risk of a broken heart by contacting Devin and trying Foreign Love Services today!


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Hahahaha, you ARE crazy! You will need a PA to filter all the applications, purchases, requests, death threats, what-have-you that will flood your inbox!


I wonder how you'd look like after a couple of days full time on the job! Can I put you on a group buying deal?

Group buying? Now where talking... I see a wonderful business relationship haha.
You are my new PA.  

I approve of this message

Are you looking for more staff?? maybe to service the dongguan market? LOL very funny man

@ Justin

... we'll be in touch for future expansion. 

I think it is sad that you need to advertise for it, just go out to some apartment complex on a Sunday and walk around and start talking to all the ladies you see with babies and no man, you will find enough pootange to keep your sperm count to an all time low, I have found that if the hubby is not there during the weekend then he is away most of the time, so you have one horny house wife.

asshole playboy without a sense of commitment, that one describes me I think, Am I right devin?

:) Well devin, I asked you at first, Good one or Bad one, you said in the middle.. So I started to ravage it.. Don't worry man, all past.. I won't rape the girls when they don't want..

Hahahaha... ...

This is really funny! 

Free for limited time. What's your price level if it's not limited time. LOL

Yet to be determined... but it could skyrocket! so you better take advantage of the opportunity now!
(or send the ad to your open minded friends) *wink wink*

*wink wink* :-p

I prefer to have a foreign love that would provide more then just a non-broken hearted service Devin. I am sure you would get more than enough open minded people here, so no thanks! 

hahaha:) so funny



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